Prices Starting at £40 

(Prices can decrease if ordering more than 1 of the same bespoke design)

When using our Bespoke Design service, we will work with you create a Leotard that is uniquely your own.

With hundreds of possibilities within fabric colours, patterns and textures, along with a wide variety of sleeve styles and back styles, we can help to create your Leotards based on characters, themes, colour schemes and more.

Prices for our Bespoke Design Service Start at £40 for plainer fabrics, £45 for patterns, and £50 + for metallics and additional details.

Ordering more than one bespoke leotard in the exact same style can lower the cost, as fabrics will already therefore be bought in. For example: for matching sisters/friends/dance partners to wear.

Prices vary and depend on Fabric Choices, Intricacy of design, and size needed.