Hey, I'm Libby - the creator of Little Lady Leotards.

Firstly, thanks for stopping by! Each and every business has its own unique story, and while building LLL its been amazing to watch other peoples stories grow, succeed & share knowledge. Without you, small businesses wouldn't run or exist, and we value each and every person that ends up here, no matter how or why. So thank you, and great to have you here with us!

LLL really first began in 2016, I was desperate to make and create.

They say " The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul" and following my heart, I learnt how to sew, began working on my designs, built up my skills and went from there.

I come from a dance background, dancing professionally for artists such as Rita Ora, and shows such as Thriller Live in the West End. Via this platform in the Dance Industry, I was lucky enough to both see and wear some wonderful dance costumes, so it was in my instinct to create a dance based piece - The Leotard.

Discovering just how many uses there are for whats known as a Leotard, we've expanded by following and creating your requests and visions, and now design sell and create a large selection of Leotards used for Dancing, Gymnastics, Party wear, Swimwear, Dress up, Everyday styling and more.

We love seeing our Leotards in action, so don't forget to tag us and send us any customer pics you may have!

Thanks for being a part of LLL,

Libby | LLL x